Pete Sawyer's original 'Assignments Unlimited' home pages are available here. They span the period 1996-1999 and include the following stories and reports:


Timed Out

Information from a witness who was present at the Lockerbie crash site in December 1989 suggests there were two explosions aboard Flight 103. (October 1996)


A mystery arson

Background to the North Wales child abuse scandal

The North Wales child abuse scandal extended its tendrils throughout the country, to Cheshire, London and to Hove, in Sussex, where a mysterious arson attack killed five people and led to the apparent suicides of two others. Was there a link between the arson attack and the fact that two of the victims had been in care at a Welsh children's home? (March 1997 and February 1997)


Caused by biological weapons?

Before and during the Gulf War of 1991, intelligence sources reported that the Iraqis had an advanced chemical and biological weapons programme and that these would be used on Allied troops. In the years that followed, a new sickness manifested itself, called Gulf War Syndrome, which incapacitated thousands of people. Claims that this sickness has now spread to Gulf War veteran's families and doctors heightens the suspicion that it may be caused by an engineered viral agent (November 1997).


Jonathan Aitken, MI6, CIA?

Information is power. Trading in information gives you trading power. Along with impeccable charm and a keen sense of diplomacy, it is the key to success in any international trade - and the arms trade is no exception, as Jonathan Aitken found out. (February 1998)


The Spoils of Peace

Background Report on Executive Outcomes.

Some say they represent a practical solution to the costly problem of keeping world peace, others say they define the New Imperialism; the garnering of Third World resources by western interests. The most notorious of the so-called private armies is Executive Outcomes, with offices in South Africa, Britain and America. (May 1998 updated July 1998)


Waste not, want not

An examination of the Alice in Wonderland economics of the British nuclear industry, reveals the City partying on the profits of nuclear privatisation, leaving the next generation of UK tax-payers to clean up the mess, long after the guests have gone home. (August 1998)


Double-edged sword

Has Israel's nuclear weapons programme scored an 'own goal'? This special report by Harold Hough reveals growing safety and environmental fears over the operation of Israel's nuclear weapons establishment in the Negev, and concern that the lay-out of its nuclear missile base near Tel Aviv may be fundamentally flawed, forcing the country to adopt a dangerous 'first strike' policy. (September 1998)


A nuclear dustbin in the Balkans

Nato is using weapons containing Depleted Uranium in Kosovo. These weapons have been blamed for an upsurge of cancer rates and birth defects in Iraq and are also suspected of being partly responsible for Gulf War Syndrome. (April 1999)


Something to Declare?

The Government has been quick to press for the 'outing' of freemasons in the police and judiciary. However it has ignored freemasonry on its own doorstep, in the House of Lords. Here, for the first time, is a list of 22 'Lords on the Square' who play key roles in the secretive world of freemasonry in the UK. (May 1999 updated August 1999)


Peter's New Friends

Peter Mandelson, creator of 'New' Labour, is embroiled in yet more controversy, yet he can still count on the favour of Prime Minister Tony Blair. There's no greater sign of this than Mandelson's recent attendance at a conference of some of the most powerful people in the world, where he 'informally' represented the interests of the Government. (June 1999 updated August 1999)

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