Remembrance Garden
The scenes from Kensington Gardens graphically illustrated how much Princess Diana was loved. People flocked in their thousands to lay wreaths and flowers at the gates of her home in Kensington Gardens. Now, seven years on, and several official investigations later, are we any closer to finding out the truth behind her tragic death?
In the days after the death of Princess Di, thousands of people poured though the gates of Kensington Palace gardens to lay tributes to the Princess.

The outpouring of grief for one person was unprecedented, perhaps because it was a death which few could understand. Flowers, cuddly toys, and photographs of remembrance were hung from every possible tree, bush and lamppost in the normally spotless gardens. People wandered around as if in a trance. Most had never met the Princess, yet she inspired many people with her acts of kindness, charity and with her very English manners and beauty.

Since those days her death has become as symbolic for the British as President John F.Kennedy's death became for the American people.


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The lawns of Kensington Gardens covered with tributes to Princess Di.
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Scented sea: in some places the flowers were four feet deep.
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Contemplation: thousands of people came, and saw, and many wept.
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Trees in the park became makeshift shrines to Diana.
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Lamp posts too, were festooned with flowers and momentos.
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Thousands of cuddly toys were abandoned in memory of everybody's favourite Princess.
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