The Authors
Peter Wilton joined the Metropolitan Police in 1958 and the Flying Squad in 1980. He was promoted to Detective Superintendent during the course of his investigation into the Security Express robbery. He retired in 1989. John Knight was initiated into a life of crime at the age of twelve by his elder brother Ronnie, and never looked back, mixing robbery with running a number of successful businesses. He planned and executed the Security Express robbery, for which he served twelve years in prison. Ronnie Knight was married to Barbara Windsor for twenty years, during which time he owned a number of West End clubs, as well as engaging in many less legal enterprises. He was sentenced to seven years for laundering money from the Security Express robbery.

Gotcha! was researched and written by Pete Sawyer, an investigative journalist whose work has appeared in many national UK publications including the Mail on Sunday, Sunday Times, Observer and Punch magazine. He is also a freelance television producer working on news and current affairs stories. In 2002 he co-produced a television documentary based on the book and shown on Channel Five. The script for this documentary, "Five Tons of Cash", can be found here. Visit Pete's own web site at or by clicking the 'stop' button below.