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Who is Pete Sawyer?
Pete has been working as an investigative print and television journalist for more than 12 years.

He read Earth Sciences at the University of London but quickly gained an appetite for journalism through editing the college magazine. After graduation he went on to study periodical journalism at the London College of Printing. He became a trade journalist, working for Printing World, where he was commended for his investigative feature writing skills.


In 1991 he landed a trade journalism scoop which brought him to the Mail on Sunday’s City Desk, where he specialised in detailed financial investigations and corporate fraud. He started investigating the ‘Arms to Iraq’ scandal, and in 1993 published a damning article on the affair in BusinessAge magazine, which lead to two protracted libel cases. He successfully defended these as a litigant-in-person, gaining valuable experience in court procedure and the law of libel.
Punch magazine

In 1997 Pete became a regular writer for the UK fortnightly magazine, Punch, working on a succession of investigative stories such as 'the Mandelson Files' – revealing for the first time that Peter Mandelson had obtained a loan for his Notting Hill house – and the 'Scandal of the High Street Banks' – an investigation into the High Street banks’ policy of dumping their customers’ confidential records on the streets for all to read. He wrote for Punch for four years.

Throughout the 1990s Pete pursued a parallel career in television, researching and producing programmes on such varied topics as human rights in the Sudan and China, ‘cowboy’ liquidators, the private military company ‘Executive Outcomes’, Dame Shirley Porter, voter apathy in the 2001 General Election, the causes of the Burnley race riots, funding in the NHS, Islamic radicals in London, and Britain’s aging Magnox nuclear power stations.

In April 2002 he published his first non-fiction book: ‘Gotcha!’ – the story of Britain’s largest ever cash robbery. He co-produced a television documentary based on the book, which was screened on Channel Five in December 2002.

He also maintains a keen interest in photography and graphic design, supplying most of the images used on this website.

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