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Many noteworthy stories and investigations fail to reach the public arena.
Stories that should be told often aren't.
News remains confidential, so to speak.
This website aims to change all that by publishing those stories which have had little or no coverage in the mainstream media but which are relevant to us all.

The website is arranged into a number of distinct 'services'. Each one is accessible directly through its own url.

The main service, NewsConfidential, publishes human interest stories from around the world. The only firm editorial requirement is that the story told must be pertinent to a greater understanding of the way the world works.
EarthConfidential groups together environmental stories from around the world.
FileSelect handles all online search requests for archived stories from Pete Sawyer's own personal collection.

Assignments Unlimited tell you all about Pete Sawyer's research and production services for the print and television media. It also includes a searchable database of his investigations.

Unreported gives you, the reader, the chance to submit new story ideas and suggestions.
Other services will be added to the website as and when programming time permits.

NewsConfidential, and its associated sites, abide by the NUJ Code of Conduct and strives to ensure that all information on this website is as accurate as possible.

If you believe that any article is inaccurate, please contact.

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Please also read the Terms and Conditions of use of the website and its services.

You can find out more about Pete Sawyer here.
On top of the World Trade Centre Banned house church meeting in Guangzhou, China Trashing paradise: Piles of rubbish on the beach, South Pacific Tree protesters making a statement in Newbury, England The Clapham rail disaster, London, England Nazi death camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland Boy soldier fighting for Islam in the Nuba mountains, Sudan Refugee camp on the outskirts of Khartoum, Sudan After the death of Princess Diana, flowers carpeting Kensington Gardens, London The MI6 building, London, England
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