Frequently Asked Questions

1. I placed my bid on your website. When will I receive your reaction to my offer?

In most cases you will receive it within four business days. If you suspect that your offer did not reach us, feel free to resend it or contact us directly by the email link at the foot of the page. Please note that in order to cut down on spam we will contact you using a different email address from the ones used on our website.
2. Why do you not offer an escrow option?
We believe in keeping costs for our prospective buyers to an absolute minimum. We offer various payment options, including credit card, check or money order, bank transfer, e-gold, Nochex and Paypal.
3. How do you pass control over the domain name to me?
Once your payment is received, we will transfer the domain name into a new account at the current registrar and then send you full authentication information, including the account password, enabling you to access your new domain name.

4. Will I have full and sole control over the domain name?

Yes. Once you have logged into your new account, you will be able to change the ownership record, administrative, technical, and billing contacts, the name servers, and the account password. Should you wish, you will also be able to transfer the domain name to another registrar of your choice.
5. How soon will I be able to use the domain name for e-mail and for a website?

Firstly you will have to set up name servers for your domain. This can be done by purchasing web and e-mail hosting services from a hosting provider. You must change the name servers for your domain to those of the hosting provider. Your hosting provider will tell you what name servers to use. Usually it takes around 24 hours for your name to 'resolve' and be 'seen' on the Internet.

Our preferred Registrar offers free web forwarding and email forwarding services, so if you already have a website up and running, you can put your new domain name to use almost immediately.

6. How will I renew the domain I bought?
You will be able to renew the domain name within your new account or through your chosen registrar.
7. Do you provide web hosting or e-mail hosting?
Not at present, although we can provide some web design expertise and limited hosting services.
8. Do you provide consulting services on domain names? Can you help me find or value a name?
Yes, for a fee (from £150 upwards).
9. I believe I have intellectual property rights and legitimate interests in a domain name you are offering for sale. What is your procedure for this?

All of our domain names are acquired through expiring domain name services The vast majority are 'generic' names, or can be used in a manner which does not infringe on any intellectual property rights.
If you believe you have intellectual property rights and/or legitimate interests in a domain name listed for sale on our website, please contact us by email using the Whois information listed for the domain, stating clearly your case. Please provide all relevant details about your registered trademarks or other intellectual property.

If we accept you have a bona fide case, we will contact you to open negotiations for the transfer of the domain name.

We believe that our procedure for resolving any such dispute over a domain name we own is reasonable and constitutes fair business practice, and that a disregard for our procedure constitutes bad faith.

10. Can you register and manage domain names for me?
Yes we can. We can set up an account for you at our registrar of choice and we will handle all of the technical aspects of the domain name administration on your behalf. We charge £25 per year for this service, and this includes all registration costs.
11. Can you sell my domain name for me?
Yes we can. We can redirect your domain to our servers and include it on our auction website. The cost of this service is £6 per year per domain name, plus 10% commission on a successful sale. We will handle all administration relating to the sale of your domain name. Contact us for further details.
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